Enclosed staircase decorating ideas

We know enclosed staircases can look ugly. They Are narrow and sometimes do not get the natural light we would want. You can think about a couple of things to combat this. For example, one would increase the light. This will help your place look larger and brighter which in a narrow staircase is never a bad thing in addition you can add some wall paneling this too to make the space appear brighter and a little more classy. It also breaks up the stairs and the wall and adds texture, depth and interest. 

I would really recommend looking up our article on how to install and make wood panelling because it might just be the thing you are looking for for your amazing enclosed staircase design. 

Staircase ideas for small house

This again is another issue , your house might just be small in general there is nothing to be ashamed of here , some of us have small houses. But it does leave something to be desired on the decorating options and the design front. So what is to be done? Well, you can rtinhkg about using mirrors, mirrors make a room look larger because they literally project a whole other room back to you. This being said the mirrors will also give a stylish look and make your home an envy to the visitors and friends that pass by your house. 

So what else?You can also think about colors. What about a dark navy blue for this one? No this will not be good. Take it from me. I know that it can be super stylish and in at the moment but a navy blue staircase will only hjelp to make your home look even smaller and rubbish . sorry but it’s true. 

What you have to do is get some white paint or another lighter colour. Doing this will transform the space into a light wonderland of reflected light. We love it. 

enclosed staircase big
enclosed staircase big

Really consider these options when it comes to you deciding what to do in your own home. 

Straight wall painting

You need to be careful and realise that painting a straight line can really make or break the situation. At the same time though they can look great and increase regimentation and rigidity in a room. We know form and style is special and something to be respected when it comes to art and design. We recommend putting tape on the areas you do not want to get covered in paint. This way you will get a super straight linke… if your tape is straight. 

Staircase wall colour combination

This can be a hard one, not because it is hard but because people like to over complicate it. It’s really not hard. Remember when you were a kid and you used to mix up any and every colour?! Some looked great, and well some not so great. Look i’m not saying go out and get 10 tins of paint , but just don’t play it safe all the time and do white on white .