How to install wall panelling

oak panelled room

Today we’re going to install wall panelling. I mean it really depends on if you have crafted panelling that has been reclaimed, opr if you’re kind of making it from scratch. 

Making the panelling from scratch can also be great because it’s really cheap if you do it the most basic method. So today we’re going to do the easy way and then the hard way. 

How to install wood paneling on plaster walls 

Ok so we’re going to install the wood paneling. Get some small pieces of architrave or even just 2 by 4 wood and cut it to size. There’s a lot of variation of styles and designs you can achieve. To do georgian style panelling you will want to create a pattern that’s full height, or even if you have an idea to have half and half you can have a dado rail and create a somewhat Victorian or regency vibe. When you have your cut pieces you can directly affix them onto the wall. 

How to make wooden wall panelling

Ok, so ill go into it more. Get some small pieces of wall trim like architrave. Ok, then cut a 45 degree angle on the ends . here you can create squares . Paneling is all about symmetry. Therefore you need to make sure you are getting it right, and accurate and importantly precise. If your paneling is not precise it will look bad and strage. 

oak panelled room
oak panelled room

Once you have done this , then start to glue them onto the wall. You can do this with wood glue. This can be difficult to set because they can end up sliding off the wall.  If you are panelling on a staircase you need to make sure you have the measurements correct.

 How to paint wall panelling

Now, you have the paneling, it can look  a little off with there being different colours and perhaps glue showing. So, you have to print it. 

First off. I would recommend using some knotting solution, and using it over any wood knots there may be will help a lot so they do not bleed into the wood at a later date. Once you have left this to dry, you need to sand it down so it;s smooth. 

Now it’s time for the fun bit. Painting. 

Make sure you get a paint that is suitable for wood. We think white looks great and classic but some modern versions have the panelling in a navy blue or a deep grey.

How to fit tongue and groove wall panelling

This is simple, basically tongue and groove wants to be fitted. You ever played with legos as a kid? It’s a pretty similar thing. They just snap together just like flooring and floor panelling. Internal cladding can look instantly fab and is a cheap way to get a bit of insulation and a fantastic looking product. You will have a side bead and button bead which will act as your base and parameters to start slotting in the panelling, so watch out on your measurements to make sure you do not have to be cutting too many boards

You also really need to make sure you have a spirit level to make sure that your clarring is perfectly straight and will not go out of alignment. 

Doing it this way with the side beads first will mean you have to slot in the final piece from the top. 

Finally there will be a top bead that you will need to finish it all off. 

How to make wall panelling

You’ll need a couple of things to get yourself away with basic wall panelling . Start off this with these basics and you will not go wrong. 

  • Dado rail with your preferred shape and pattern
  • Lengths of architrave 
  • Panel pins
  • Adhesive
  • Decorators caulk 
  • Mitre joint
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • sandpaper

How to install wall panel

An important part of this that people forget , is that you need to prep the wall, if you are panelling straight to the wall. Makes sense right? You also need to first decide on the height of your dado rail. This can dictate  the shape of your squares or even rectangles. 

Please make sure you have a spirit level ready  because there is nothing worse than having a wonky wall panel!

I can’t stress this enough that the georgians and indeed greeks and romans loved symmetry so it has to sound good. 

Once stuck to the wall make sure you have your panel pins ready to knock them in just to make sure they are truly fixed to the wall. You will also need to make sure that you knock the pins in with a pin punch tool so they are not protruding from the hammer because that can sometimes be too large and not sensitive enough. 

If you need to, this would be a great time to sand down the pieces you have cut down if there are any rough edges because once you have painted it , iot is hard to get that perfect smooth finish that you need. 

Then you can paint. Some people also opt to prime their wood first which would be a good idea if you don’t want to go over it a second time with emulsion or eggshell. Personally i like wood panelling that has a matte finish rather than a satin finish or a gloss finish. It just looks a little more modern, and a bit more not in your face. 

When you have wall panelling, you can also choose something amazing looking above rto accent and accentuate the georgian aspect. I would recommend either a muted looking wall paper that was kind of textured, or even a darker matte colour. A deep blue or even navy blue looks great with white panelling, or even if you want to paint your panelling a darker colour such as deep grey or something similar, you may then want to offset that with a lighter colour on the top with grey off white porch design or something. 

The choice is up to you! Check it out and see what you come up with .