ULTIMATE 5 Antiques Stores Clarksville TN

clarksville antiques

What is Clarksville Tennessee famous for?

We all know about the range of Antiques clarksville tn has to offer. The center is practically riddled with antiquities, but finding the good stuff among the trash is the real art. We are here to show you our personal favorite stores, as well as the places to find the real bargains. 


Of course, everyone will have their own ideas of Antique shops clarksville tn, but we are here to give a well rounded look, and just a brief foray into this wonderful world. Ready? Here we go. Let us go back into the past!

Out of the past antiques & collectibles clarksville TN

First – we have this little shop of curiosities. The Clarksville Out of the past antiques and collectibles is a great way to spend a day or a weekend.. This store has some serious bargains on offer. It’s just up to you to try and find them! This company will try and meet your expectations and go above and beyond to fulfill these goals. This is one of those stores you will go in again and again and never see the same thing twice!

Lucille’s antiques clarksville TN

Welcome to Miss Lucille’s marketplace. This delightful furniture house has a marketplace, a cafe and events so you can enjoy your furniture hunting in peace. Welcome to this wonderful shopping mall where you will find some delightful antiquities. This is one of our favourite antiques shops in clarksville tn.

Clarksville antique center 

If you want a day to search through a huge store, this is for you. This antique center will certainly leave you wanting more, and wondering what you could have found if you stayed just that extra 10 minutes. Clarksville mo antique mall is super great, and will wow its visitors. This is what we love about possibly the largest antique store we have on the list. 

Antique stores clarksville Tennessee don’t get much better than this!

Warehouse 41 antiques clarksville tn

Come visit warehouse 41 Antiques! This place has somewhere to eat, and even has events such as yoga and trivia nights. As well as this you can even own a booth, and treat it as a consignment furniture unit. Make sure you bundle up! Because this is a large warehouse unit, and can get cold in the winter time! That being said. Do not let it stop you from attending one of Clarksville’s best antique stores. 

clarksville antiques
clarksville antiques

Pedigo antiques clarksville tn

Welcome to Pedigo Antiques. This store is totally quirky, and fun. We love this store located at 1461 Madison St Clarksville. It is a pure treasure trove of quirkiness. You will make great finds if you delve into all that Pedigo antiques has to offer. Come and take a visit today!


We hope you love our choices. Clarksville antique mall is obviously the biggest and some would say the best, but some of the other lesser known ones all have exciting treasures to be discovered too!