Vintage Radios

Tube type antique radios were the predecessor to the television. These vintage radios could be found in most homes from the late 1920s through the 1940’s. Vintage radios come in many styles. The farmer usually had a battery-powered radio while city folk who had access to electricity could plug in their radio.

The vintage radio is no longer appreciated as we now have television and our computers to occupy our time. But antique radios have so many more stories to tell. A home without an antique radio is a home missing a very important part of our past. The radio changed everything as families would sit around the living room or listen to the radio while eating. These now antique vintage radios told us of the war in Europe and the Pacific. Antique radios brought music to our homes. Antique radios told us the story of invading aliens with such realism that panic gripped the nation, while the Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet and the Shadow brought justice to our land.

Classic antique radios are a passion of many collectors today. My father fixed vintage radios when he was a boy. My brother and a mutual friend are big collectors of antique radios. Visit us to see several vintage radios and meet some antique radio covers. Adopt a vintage radio today.