Window sill ideas & window sill decor

We all know the feeling… The 2-hour drive to work, being on the phone for hours, stuck in endless tirades of repetitive meetings and signing off those expense forms… After a hard stressful day at the office, nothing quite beats coming home, putting your comfy clothes on, grabbing a book and a nice warm drink of hot cocoa and blissfully curling up on the settee right next to the window so you can watch the world go by when lifting your head from a good book.

As you finish chapter 5, you glance up and enrapture the glorious evening sunshine rays bursting through the carelessly soft blowing trees whilst listening to the soft tweets of the blackbirds. Even an ordinary window-sill can be a tranquil retreat where you can watch the world go by and forget about all your worries.
Every house has one, but not all homes make the most of the window-sill. From yoga to country rustic shabby chic, keep reading to see our extensive and innovative window-sill ideas that can help you make the most of enjoying your home surroundings.


Window Sill  Decor – Bed / Seating
Provide additional seating or even a sleeping space whilst keeping a clean appearance is easy. Remove all the clutter and junk often found occupying the window-sill and simply lay down a thin mattress and finish off with sheets, pillows and a decorative blanket. Opting for color co-ordinated bedding can ideally complement the interior or exterior.

Remember, this doesn’t have to just be a bed. It could be a simple lounger, day-bed – like the daybed below from Design Within Reach, or even a place for guests to sit at dinner parties, the possibilities and uses can be endless. Opting for a single mattress and an underlay or just a couple of cushions and you are good to go! The results can be both practical and beautiful

Nelson Daybed – $3,535.00


Transforming your kitchen window-sill into an area where you can sit on a morning whilst eating your breakfast and sipping your strong coffee can be perfect. Not only is it a delight to eat your breakfast whilst looking out the window but it can also help you get into a positive morning routine.

Take this simple workbench placed in front of the window with 2 matching stools like the practical one below from Lexmod– an inexpensive addition for only $63 (also available in white) is an easy way to transform your kitchen. For added measure, be sure to place decorative plants and blinds that can retract fully so not restricting your view.

Booster Bar Stool In Black – $63

For a more modern appeal, why not transform your window-sill into a breakfast and day bar? This can be done easily with folding kitchen windows and a hardwood surface placed on the exterior.



Window Sill Storage
Are you like me and often find you have way too many possessions but not enough space? Well, look no further than the window-sill storage.

Toronto Display Unit

The above storage unit from Homesdirect365 is a fantastic modern option, placed on either side of your window-sill can add a practical and aesthetic storage option.
You could opt to place matching shelves, like the one above on either side of the window or go a step further and have built storage underneath the window as well as either side. This can also be used as a decorative feature by placing ornaments on or around the shelves such as bookends, sculptures or plants and flowers can add a touch of vibrant style.


Window Sill Ideas – Desk
Yes, a windowsill can be turned into a desk and very easily at that. The perfect solution if you live in a small apartment or even a flat. This option gives much more space in a compact room or household by negating the need for a big desk. It’s also a great way for working as it guarantees plenty of natural daylight.

Not only an excellent addition to work or studying but it’s also ideal for those into hobbies such as crafting, drawing, painting or sewing.


Shabby Chic Window Sill Idea
Quite possibly the most popular and in demand decorating style right now, the shabby chic look can be applied to almost all furniture and decorating styles today, from the beautiful rustic and distressed chest of drawers to an aged effect staircase. Often noticeable by the distinctive pastel colors and ‘worn’ look, shabby chic, also referred to as country farmhouse or chic can give impressive beauty to everything and anything.

Using or taking inspiration from the popular shabby chic style to decorate or spruce up your windowsill is easy and a look that can be achieved very inexpensively.
You can opt to apply a very lightly ‘aged effect’ to the frame or surrounding furniture. For a brilliant in-depth guide be sure to check out this video from Period Living by clicking here!

If you want to go even further, you could, in fact, add some quirky little charms. In the image below we have added a couple of distressed decorative tins, some plants and finished off with small hanging vases with colorful flowers.


That’s right… yoga on a window-sill? Providing you have ample space and of course, taking into account safety, the window-sill can be the ultimate place to de-stress and relax.
A very short film showing 2 young ladies performing Yoga Asana on adjacent window-sills was released back in early 2010 as an art project that took the internet by storm. This gave much inspiration from Yoga tutors and helped advance the idea that yoga can, virtually be taught and performed anywhere!

Improved body flexibility, increased muscle strength and a good peace of mind are a few of the documented benefits of practicing yoga. For a full breakdown, be sure to click here.
After looking at the benefits of yoga it comes to no surprise how practicing on a spacious window-sill with an incredible view can work, it beats the bland and plain walls of a studio or gym.

Don’t forget to add to the atmosphere when practicing yoga with some simple candles

15 Hour Votive Candles – $16.99


The Bookworm
Are you like me and like nothing better than to lose yourself in a favorite John Steinbeck classic? Then look no further than the bookcase window-sill!
Ideal for the storage of your favorite novels whilst giving a beautiful decor idea for your home, the windowsill bookcase is the ultimate bookworms dream.

This can be achieved simply by converting the empty space under your windowsill into a bookcase or you could go all out attach bookshelves on the adjacent sides of the window sill. For that extra touch of vintage glam, even attaching a rustic rolling ladder, like the ones used in library’s can be stunning.
For a more modern vibe, opt for darker colors such as a deep brown, black or a solid wood color. If you are going for a country or vintage appearance, then sticking to your lighter colors can work wonders… A simple distressed chalk or naturally distressed white is ideal.

Antique French Style Bookcase From Homes Direct 365 – $1,982.19

Baxton Studio Cube Cabinet From Hayneedle – $113.19

Don’t forget, you could always try and combine any of the above ideas to suit your preference, Go on… be daring and turn your windowsill into a practical and beautiful space you can unwind from the modern day stresses!